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In some cases where the extraction route is basically impossible, ACS offers an option to use a low level exhaust Unit. For these applications air is filtered by removal of the kitchen fume and odours during the extraction process.
The efficiency is of such that air can be discharged on low level without creating a nuisance.
The low level exhaust unit is beneficial due to the elimination of long ducting runs in cases of high rise buildings.
There are two basic options available:

Option 1 –

The Circulation Unit

This option allows for the filtration module to be supplied as part of the canopy, but note the following limitations:

  • Only for light type cooking operations with no use of gas fired equipment as unacceptable high levels of CO2 can occur during this process.

Adequate fresh air supply should be available to supply the air conditioning areas as an additional heat load is generated by cooking equipment. Preferably this is done by adding additional fresh air into the cooking process area.

Option 2 –

Enviro Unit

This option allows for the filtration module to be supplied as a separate part of the canopy.  Note the following limitations:

  • Exhaust at low level without any nuisance other building tenants or general public.
  • Popular for application in modern high rise buildings.
  • Popular for application for sensitive areas like nature reserves, hospitals etc.
  • Gas fired cooking equipment (not open flame grilling) can be used with this option as the cooking equipment heat load is removed with extract air as per conventional systems.