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The need for kitchen extract is usually for Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bakeries, retail stores, etc.
The basic need adhere to City Council standards is:
1. Kitchen extraction
2. Kitchen Fresh air supply

ACS Specializes In The Manufacturing of Extract Canopies and Fresh Air Supply Systems.

Primary filtration

The extraction Canopy is fitted with an efficient Curl Cartridge Configuration type grease filter. Oil separation and filtration takes place by means of condensation, inertial separation, impingement and settling. Oil particles from your extraction stream are captured inside the holding capacity of the cartridge filter. The housing directs the contaminated air downward through the filter media.

Kitchen Extraction

The following are Basic Kitchen Canopy options:

The Wall Mount configuration:

Designed for single row cooking equipment installed against a wall.

The V-Bank configuration

Designed for double row cooking equipment for e.g. hotels, big institutional kitchens, etc. where there is a partition between the cooking equipment.


The Centre Isle configuration

Designed for wide cooking area where cooking equipment is not installed against a wall.
The centre isle has a large holding capacity which is beneficial for equipment generating big bursts of cooking vapour for e.g steam cookers etc.

Condensate configuration

Designed for capturing the condensate particles. Applicable for bakery ovens and dishwasher to capture the steam when the oven door or dishwasher door is opened.